Riley Trade Law | Import Compliance
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Import Compliance

Customs and Border Protections

U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulates the import of commodities into the United States and helps to enforce trade regulations implemented by other U.S. government agencies.  U.S. Customs regulations create complex system of laws and regulations that every company involved in international trade must know how to navigate to efficiently move their products in an out of the country in compliance with the law.  We help clients to:

  • Conduct country of origin and marking analyses;
  • Work with Customs official to obtain the release of seized goods;
  • Review and audit import practices and procedures; and
  • Investigate potential violations and prepare self-disclosures to CBP.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives Regulations govern the permanent import into the United States of defense articles.  The U.S. Import Munitions List sets forth the defense articles that require authorization from BATFE prior to import into the United States.  We assist clients with:

  • Satisfying registration requirements;
  • Reviewing import transactions to determine authorization requirements
  • Applying for and obtaining required authorizations
  • Investigating violations of the BATFE Regulations
  • Preparing and submitting disclosures to BATFE